>.> sometimes I wonder why I bother to have a tumblr, and then five hours later I’m still scrolling bored out of my gourd, but with no life to do anything with.

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I am unrepentant. 

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The fact that Merlin makes random shit up to mortify Arthur always kills me. 

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When You realize that your BEST FRIEND is in love with HIS KING!

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The Dragon’s Call

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Merlin Favourites
↳ Favourite death scene: S05xE13 Arthur Pendragon

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On LJ and AO3.

Title: Guitarist!Merlin
Summary: Merlin with his guitar Aithusa at a jazz cafe, maybe?
 Probably the quickest sketch I’ve ever done ever. For this month’s Tavern Tales Theme: Coffeeshops, Restaurants, Kitchens. 

PS. I actually used this color meme — sorry, couldn’t find the original to reblog! — pallet #8 for this. Erm, though strictly speaking I used it for local colors instead of the actual pallet of the whole drawing, if you know what I mean? If you want, please feel free to send me a color + character and I will try to find time to do it. Doesn’t have to be from Merlin. : )

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